‘Sleeping with a married woman’

In my years of travelling, I've met many different kinds of people. Nice, weird, and rude ones! Not even to start about attitudes from soccer wives! But there is one in particular that I never thought I would ever meet… ‘The Croatian’. After our second year in Texas a lot of new teammates with their [...]

‘The Real Deal’

Six years ago, we lived in Cyprus for one season in Ayia Napa. Best holiday place ever! To be there for soccer…? Not so much. We lived in a touristic area near the beach with white sand and clear blue water. It was just beautiful. Cyprus overall has so much history and nice food to [...]

‘My book of words’

For a couple of months I now have a Chinese friend. We go on fun adventures with our kids. She's lived in the US for many years, but most of the time she still doesn’t know what I am saying in English. And to be honest… I cannot always understand her either! She cannot pronounce [...]