‘American Girl’

When my husband is off from soccer training and games we like to drive to Chicago and just walk around and explore the city. These last months were hard because of the intense cold and snow! Wisconsin and Illinois are not known for their warm winter months.
But when we are there when it is nicer weather, our daughter loves to go to the ‘American Girl doll’ store… that store is an experience by itself.

She went already a couple of times in New York to the ‘American girl’ store and we got her an appropriate age related doll, but not the real deal one.



We thought her obsession for those dolls would be a phase and we were so wrong! It became worse and worse. You would understand why I am not happy with it if you knew how expensive they are!

So for those of you who are unclear on what exactly these things are, let me bring you up to speed: American Girl Dolls began as historical dolls based on fictional girls that existed during various times in American history. Each girl/doll had a set of books that served not only as their personal biography, but also a mini history lesson on America.
They also have “Truly me” dolls that can be customized to look exactly like you… What I think is kind of creepy!

We promised her that if she was responsible enough to own a doll like that, we would give her one. Just one!!!
For years, she watched video’s on Youtube and looked at the magazines that we got from our friends. She could talk about a doll for hours!

This year it was finally time! We braved the cold and we drove to Chicago and she got the full experience of buying an ‘American Girl doll’!



From what I can tell now… when you buy an American Girl doll you are not just buying a doll… you’re investing into a whole new lifestyle for your daughter.
They sell matching outfits for the girls and dolls, they have a restaurant special for kid and dolls, a doll Hair salon, a girl and doll ear piercing shop, an ice-cream bar and a spa… and yes…for these dolls.

Now I am sucked into a monthly ‘American Girl magazine’, matching outfits and every night a book reading about her chosen doll!

Even that the whole ‘American Girl’ thing is an expensive obsession… it is amazing and a great learning opportunity for my daughter. And… the smile she gives us, is worth every penny!

well…sort of.


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