Giving back to the Community

** FREE Virtual Training **


The mission of these free training sessions is to provide ALL kids and teens with an equitable opportunity to learn soccer skills regardless of where they are in the world, socioeconomic status, or barriers related to time and availability. This program aims to reach families and communities that want more ways to provide structured physical activity through soccer. We want to close opportunity gaps by providing a program that is accessible, flexible and most importantly, fun!

Virtual Training with Soccer Pro Hans Denissen aims to create experiences that support child wellness by building confidence and creating a safe and stress-free virtual space for children to develop their soccer skills. We want to empower athletes and develop socio-emotional growth by creating a judgement-free environment. Research shows that kids and adolescents who practice sports have higher self-esteem, build stronger connections with peers and show more self-discipline. The discipline and training needed to participate in sports helps to develop a well-balanced individual. Athletes learn the importance of teamwork and the value of leadership.

Believe you can and you are halfway there

The ultimate purpose of Virtual Training with Soccer Pro Hans Denissen is to reach children and teens who want to learn soccer skills and we aim to achieve this by providing equitable opportunities that support personal wellness through sports and fun experiences!

Thank you for your time in learning about the Virtual Training with Soccer Pro Hans Denissen program!

Boys & Girls 7 year – 10 year olds: Tuesday’s from 12-12:45pm CST + 15 minute Q&A
Boys & Girls 11 year – 16 year olds: Thursday’s from 12-12:45pm CST + 15 minute Q&A

For Europe (19.00 hour on Tuesday and Thursday)

Click here to register for the free Virtual training sessions

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