‘Meeting the Amish’

Everyone should have a bucket list! A number of experiences or achievements that you hope to have or accomplish during your lifetime. For years I have the urge to see and maybe even speak to an Amish person.
For an unexplainable reason I am intrigued by their live style!

Years ago while living in Texas, I watched a show called ‘Breaking Amish’. It was about 5 young Amish people who moved to New York City and wanted to see if they wanted to stay Amish or break with their community. It was fascinated to see, especially because I only knew the Amish from history books. After some research about the real Amish I noticed that the show did not represent the Amish well and it was not really fun to watch anymore.

Over the years we have seen Amish people, but never close enough to make real contact. Two years ago we even made a special road trip to Ohio because of me. I wanted to see their lifestyle and houses! I looked up where a big community of Amish people lived and we drove seven hours towards a town in Ohio. While we were there, we saw a lot of horses and wagons and kids playing in the fields. Even their houses from the outside and their shops were awesome for me to see. It was pretty cool but it still did not give me that satisfying feeling that I thought it would give!

A few weeks ago we took another road trip with the family. This time we went to Dubuque, Iowa to see the Mississippi river. We took a break at ‘Pikes Peak State Park’ to eat an ice cream. When we drove up the parking lot we saw at least ten elderly Amish people walking around.
My heart almost exploded from excitement!

Meeting the Amish

Put me in a room with ‘Brad Pitt’ or ‘George Clooney’ and I will not be that impressed like I am with the Amish!!

While I tried to act super cool while eating an ice cream, my sweet husband did not hesitate to make fun of me and telling me I wasn’t cool.

I was determined to see an Amish person from close by so I decided I ‘needed’ extra napkins for the ice cream. Should it now be a coincidence that an Amish man was standing there…

I walked up all confident and asked for napkins at the ice cream kiosk. I even turned around to say (very nonchalant) to the Amish man “Kids right! Ice Cream everywhere”.
I felt awesome!

My heart was in my throat and I hear my husband laughing at me, with my daughter asking why ‘mama’ is being so weird!

I walk away with fulfillment of joy and I couldn’t be happier! “I talked to an Amish person” I said proud to my husband. With the reply of him “You know he didn’t say anything back right”? Oh whatever (Such a mood-killer)


While Hans is throwing away our garbage, an elderly Amish lady walks up to him and started to talk.
Uhhh what is happening?

when he came back he seemed not to be really impressed. On top of that he did not give me a good satisfied summary about that whole conversation! I need details! Why is he not giving me details!

Worst part is… I can not brag about my ‘one way street’ conversation anymore.

But then…

After my disappointment of not being able to get a real conversation with one of my idols, the unexpected happens! That same Amish lady also walked up to me!! Me!!! OMG OMG OMG act normal, sit up straight, do if you are busy (all that went through my head).

“Are you the wife of that nice Dutch gentleman that I spoke to earlier”? “Yes, yes that’s me! Hi I am Laura”. I started to sweat, but like nervous sweat and I couldn’t think straight! My heart was beating so fast, I got a nervous breakdown in front of an older Amish person!
Maybe better to describe it… I was extremely starstruck! OMG this is really happening.

She totally felt I was uncomfortable with myself so she started the conversation for me.
She told about her son and that he loved Dutch Stallions. Hans his looks reminded her of him and that is why she made a conversation. I had no idea what she was talking about first, but after I calmed down I understood that it was about a Dutch Horse and her son. We talked a lot about life and their lifestyle and she was really interested in mine as well! After a real long conversation she offered me her home address and if we ever passed her town we were always welcome! A dream come true right!!!?

Well no… It was short lived.

I did not have a pen with me and I only had my phone. I asked her politely if I could use it.
She said okay, but when I grabbed my phone and she looked at it, she got a bit scared. She told me; “Maybe this is not a good idea after all. I am gonna leave now. It was nice to meet you”!

And off she went… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I was so close! Not that I would have gone to her house but still… It is pretty cool if I had an Amish address!! For sure I would have framed that!

Goodbye my dear Amish friend where ever you are…

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