‘Antarctica Called’

Antarctica called… They want their weather back!!

We are used to some cold weather in the Netherlands and a lot of snow. But never in my mind I would think I would live in a State that has all of the above, more and to the extreme.

This week a dangerous wind chill of -45 degrees Celsius crossed Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Schools were cancelled for days and our Governor declared a state of emergency for Wisconsin due to cold, ice and snow. Grocery stores were almost empty and you would be surprised what people buy in a panic. I thought I saw everything while in a store when I experienced Hurricane Harvey in Texas…… but no!

For safety reasons we all had to stay inside, because you could get frostbite in 5 min.
Well… The weather channels here are mostly far from right so first feel and then believe!

I really wanted to experience how a wind chill straight from the North pole of -45 degrees Celsius would feel, so I braved the cold and went outside!

It is true… It really feels unreal and bizarre. We tried to blow bubbles that right away became ice-balls and throw some hot water in the air. Super fun!
After a few minutes my eyeballs were frozen and I couldn’t feel my face anymore and it was all worth it.

After that, we stayed nice and warm inside for days with some nice Dutch hot Chocolate and a lot of food!

This week it will be 7 degrees Celsius so I am looking out of the window in the morning to see what season we doing today. Always a surprise here in Wisconsin.

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