‘Not Guilty’

The year 2018 started off pretty rough for us, because my husband was stuck in Mexico due to a missing stamp in his Passport and he couldn’t come back into the United States… He missed his daughters birthday and made a lot of people nervous back in the US, but that story is for later. (He’s back btw)

Two weeks before the whole Mexico “fiasco” my husband and daughter were driving home from a Wave game. There was somebody tailgating him in a bad part of our town, so he gives full gass and goes aside so the car can pass him. And because there is something we really learned over the years… People here can be crazy on the roads, so we don’t want to get in trouble.

Yeah, well…he got in trouble!

At that moment “disco” lights appear in the rearview mirror and the police pulls him over!

My daughter is freaking out in the back of the car thinking they both have to go to jail.
(That part is probably my fault, because I scared her a few times when she was younger if she didn’t wanted to wear her seatbelt or sit straight in the car… mom-fail)

The police officer kept a straight face when he gave my husband a ticket and had no intention to crack a smile.

And probably my daughter was at that moment traumatised by the whole happening I am guessing…

Days later…I tried to pay the ticket at our police station, but my husbands name didn’t pop up in their computer. They were very nice and helpful (and I wished my daughter was with me to see that)
They advised me to call the number on the ticket and ask why he is not in the system. Same story there… they couldn’t help.

After a few weeks I went back again, because the due date was coming closer and I got nervous (I watched to many police series). This time I went with my daughter alias…doing some damage control. Again… nothing popped up.
Their advice this time was to plead ‘Not Guilty’ on a form and send it to court. That was just to make sure he wouldn’t get in trouble if for some reason his name would pop up after the due date of payment… Because yes… you can get arrested for that!

My daughter got some stickers from the police and they were super nice to her. I think I am safe to say, she is not afraid anymore. Mission accomplished!

So my husband pleaded ‘Not Guilty’ on the form and we went to court this week. It was something straight from tv.
The very moment we stepped in that building it’s like ‘Law and Order’, ‘CSI’ and all the other police tv shows you have ever seen.

After entering the building we had to go through a metal detector and we needed to let them know he was present. My husband was called to a ‘chamber’ that I think sounded “sketchy”. I have a whole different understanding of that word.

Before the judge came into the courtroom there were lawyers discussing several cases and calling people up front to talk. They called my husband up and offered him a deal; 0 points of his record but paying the full fine. If he agrees he would have to tell the judge “No contest”. It was so exciting.

It took quite some time before our judge showed up and we couldn’t talk or have our phones on. I did a full exam of “people watching” though…

And there it was!!


So Excited!!!

We heard all kind of cases. At one point there was even a ‘Cold Case’ and it went back to 1996!! It was a drink and drive case… 2 TIMES with one year apart in 2 different States. He had his lawyer up on the stand. The person was fighting for innocence, but had seriously no right to do so. (in my opinion).

It was postponed to another date eventually, because the Judge thought it took to long Now I will never know how it ended. Come on!!

Then my husbands name was called and he had to go in front of the Judge (Excited)!!

In our case… ‘No Contest’.

The emotions I felt were so real and I was so nervous for him. It’s really an intimidating place!

We took their deal, because technically we drove to fast and even that it was for a reason… we were still in the fault. Later we heard that the police officer that stopped him wasn’t present, so basically that means if my husband was fighting for innocence he probably would have won, because there was no witnesses (Police officer).

Rookie mistake… but let we just keep it with this “ticket adventure” only.


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