‘Flight Club’

World’s number 1 Sneaker place!

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Flight club isn’t your average sneaker store. If you’re looking for a particular model of a shoe which is in any way even slightly famous, they’ll have it.
If you’re looking to buy something rare or out of the ordinary you can definitely find it here

All the shoes are lined up on the wall wrapped in plastic.
Even if you’re not that into sneakers like me, I recommend checking it out.
You can get a good feel of the “sneaker head” culture. (Somebody told me this “term”)

shoes flight club

To them (the Sneaker heads), these are not just shoes; they’re collectibles and display trophies.

I understand that some of these sneakers are pretty rare, but I was surprised how high the prices were! The most exclusive ones were like 7000 dollars (Air Jordan’s). Those were really hideous btw.
So even there are sneakers with 4 digit price tags, the shop is always super busy! The cheapest shoe is around 45 dollars and because of that, the shop offers for everybody something.

They also have a hat wall if you’re into that. The hat wall is equally impressive as well, a good way to pick up something matching.

There is seriously no other place like this in NYC so it’s pretty unique!
I have been there now 2 times and both times it’s full with people who see their selves in sneaker heaven.

Tip; There is no sign outside so good luck with finding the place.
812 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

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