Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

Because I travel so much alone with my little girl by plane, I have had my “learning moments”.

I have written a few options to entertain your toddler when traveling. It really works for me and maybe even for you.

Car seat airport stroller: (Brica Roll ‘n Go Car Seat Transporter)

Everybody with small children knows they mostly need their car seat at the other side of their destination. So a stroller for the car seat is such a nice solution.
My daughter loves to sit in the car seat, but she loves it even more to carry the stroller for it! She is entertained for hours with just walking back and forth through the airport.
It also looks so cute that the “crankiest person” on your flight forgets they “hate” to fly with children.
I had people coming up to me with comments like “thank you for making my day” or “I forgot how cute children could be.
The only hassle is that you need to decide for yourself if you want to take it with you in the plane or leave it by the gate. Because it is rare if somebody in the airplane stands up and helps you to bring it to your seat!

(I didn’t check-in the car seat with my suitcases because if my daughter gets tired she can sleep for hours in that seat. And because she carries it herself I don’t see a problem bring it with me the whole time but that’s personal for everybody).

foto 4 (4)

“Friends to play with”:

Bring action figures your kid loves! My daughter, for example, loves Mickey Mouse and everybody around him. So I brought the whole cast of the mini mouse club with me in a zip lock and she loved to be buckled up and fly with her friends.
It was ideal to let her keep her belt on without wanted to go out.

foto 1 (7)

foto 2 (8)

Books: (“Airplane Flight a Lift-the-Flap Adventure” by Susanna Leonard Hill).

I bring 1 little light book with me so she can “read” to herself or I can read it to her.
If you fly for the first time or you fly many times like me with a little one this book is a wonder.
You or your child can lift the 10 flaps throughout the book to make the flying and reading experience more fun! My daughter loves it.

Stickers, Arts and Craft:

Keep them busy and occupied. Nothing is more entertaining for me than watching my daughter putting stickers on a blank paper.
She tells stories to her “friends” and let “everybody” take stickers. She has a huge imagination and it keeps her occupied for a long time.
Then I bring 3 crayons, 3 coloring pages, and a small puzzle… all in one zip lock.
Try to keep it small and light but with many varieties.

I Pad:

Download new apps on your smartphone or I pad. I always put 2 different apps on the I Pad before travel. She is not really into those devices, but at least it will entertain her 30 min, and honestly… I am happy with that.

* Sometimes if we have a lot of stops and spare time between our destinations, I let her pick something out in one of the shops from the airport. The excitement what comes with it lets her forgets she is waiting.
(Be aware you pay a ridiculous price, but once in a while it is worth it).

foto 1 (8)

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