‘You Never Walk Alone’

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I know being a “Soccer Wife” can seem to be a glamorous job— beautiful hair, makeup just right, shopping all day, applauding in a cute manner for your man when he has a game … but in reality that is just not the way it is for everybody, including … myself.
When I watch on TV or read about the glamor of some of the wives I seriously cannot believe they live that “glamorous life” every day! I understand if you become a public person, like some of the famous soccer wives, that they don’t look like they just rolled out of bed, but they still face the same insecurities like me right? I mean…the game, the pressure, and the whole process to find another club—when or if that time comes again… that stays the same… not!
Do they have children to care for … or do they not have to clean their house??
For some strange reason—the media puts a “stamp” on a “Soccer Wife”, but they have no idea what happens behind closed doors … in other words … what is the reality about the life of a “Soccer Wife”.

Many tears have flowed already, but also a lot of smiles and happiness. Even soccer is an insecure life. “I still have that joyfulness in me.” Behind every tear, there is a lesson to learn and it makes me stronger and stronger as an individual.
I travel all around the world and cannot be more thankful for that chance. I am blessed with a healthy, beautiful daughter and a very sweet husband—that is the most important thing in my life.

I have met many soccer wives on my journey, but more importantly, I have met some of the strongest women from around the world. It is not easy to leave everything behind and pack your bags to follow your husband’s dream… Some leave only a city and some leaving the country. It is something that you know from the beginning when you date a soccer player and you just have to kind of accept it. But it is nice to know you are not alone in that “world”.
Because of that I asked some of the wives to write their own stories. Some are luckier than others in their journey, but all the stories show you what really happens “behind the scenes”.

To be continued…

* Just to make it clear …this is not at all a complaint! It is just a glimpse into person’s life.
Since I have lived in the United States I was introduced to the most respectful group—the military wives! (And this is absolutely not a comparing, it’s something that we all have in common as human beings) Their stories are inspirational and they understand what it’s like to be lonely, a “single mom” in a city where you have no support. Because it’s not like you’re at home and you have your family and friends that can keep an eye on your kids … it’s completely different. They supported me with just being my friend. I also learned that I cannot even imagine what they have to feel when their husband serves their country. They are not worried about their husband coming home from a road trip or having to find another club. They are worried about their husband coming home alive! I completely understand that and that is why I wanted to express this also.

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