After living two years in Texas and eating real BBQ food, it’s very hard to get satisfied by other “BBQ places”.

But… I found Daddy D’z BBQ JOYNT, located in the heart of Atlanta.
Honestly, it is maybe a bit questionable if you want to stop there… but we did anyway. “Never judge a book by its cover”

The inside was a mix of booths & tables with random things painted everywhere. (Even the ceiling is painted) There are pictures of years ago hanging on the walls and I think they have not been touched since they were initially placed there. The booth where we were sitting had some torn seats…But it really has his charm. The atmosphere inside made the place.

foto 1 (15)

They offer a small diverse menu and I took the sampler platter. It had the famous que wraps which are like fried meat bites, some shredded pork, shredded beef and two ribs. With all of that, I got coleslaw and the corn bread, what is phenomenal and it melts in your mouth. It was more than enough. I couldn’t finish it so much it was.

This place is really worth to check out and its a great shack for some smokey meat when you are in downtown Atlanta.

foto 5 (6) foto 4 (8) foto 2 (15)

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