World of Coca-Cola

“Best commercial I have ever sat and walked through”! World of Coca-Cola is one of Atlanta’s top tourist attractions.
It is downtown Atlanta and is located near by the Atlanta Centennial Olympic Park.

I was really surprised what this amazing place offered. It is full with fascinating history and loads of great memorabilia. Coca-Cola is seriously more than only a drink.
The museum itself is beautiful and you begin with an introduction from a museum employee, who was really funny btw, within a room packed with Coca-Cola stuff from around the world.

foto 1 (16) foto 4 (9) foto 5 (8)

You then enter the theater and you watch a 5 minute film about happiness. Your own happy tears will come after around 2 minutes…way to emotional.
After that, you can walk to their many different stations to explore the history of Coca-Cola.

foto 2 (17) foto 5 (7)

I think the best part was the “taste” room where you got to taste the coke brands from different places in the world.
Try to be humble with the portions of tasting, because before you know it you end up with a small stomach egg. (Knowing from my own experience)

Because I don’t want that my daughter drinks soda yet, we got an alternative for her. Coca-Cola offered their own chocolate milk and it was really nice. They say you can buy it in almost every grocery store, but I never have seen it honestly…
foto 3 (13)

foto 3 (14)
When you leave you can pick your own Coca-Cola bottle as a souvenir.

It is really fun for the whole family and even affordable.
A must do when you are in Atlanta for sure…

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