‘So what do you do’

Even though I am super proud of who I am and what I do, I always try secretly to avoid the answer.
The reason is… I am not just “a stay at home mom”.

I get many people who respond with— “Oh… so you are just a stay home mom”…
They make it sound as if it’s a horrible thing! Not to mention that it’s also not really helping to get a conversation going.

My nightmare is when I get the question, “But what do you do all day then?” You can interpret this question in two different ways… Positive or negative and I see right away which one it is.
When they use the negative undertone, trust me… it can be a really “ouch” moment for me.
The “I beg your pardon” thoughts come to mind and I start rewinding the question again in my head and ask myself if that really just happened?!
These shallow comments that I talk about are more from strangers than close friends or acquaintances—BUT their comments still affect me more than they know. Maybe…many people still tend to portray at-home mothers as unmotivated, depressed, uneducated and wealthy? Well, in my case all of the above are not even close to being the truth.

Me staying home with my child is a gift and a privilege that I thank God so much for.
I am living a life that is maybe every parents dream.
It’s not a normal 9-5 job—more like a 24/7 job—so just because a woman stays home with her children it doesn’t mean you cannot have a good conversation with her.

So… how does a woman like me—with a Master’s Degree—feel so worthless after the response she gets?

Wasn’t I once a person that had opinions that others valued? Or that had adult conversations and tried to make every person look at themselves in a positive way?
I understand my husband has an interesting job and that it seems like he has maybe more excitement in his stories but to be honest—don’t underestimate mine.
I mean, exactly how humble am I supposed to be?

In the past 10 years, we have moved 19 times and lived in 5 different countries.
We have one lovely psycho cat and a beautiful healthy daughter.
I have flown with our cat and daughter more times than I can count.
I have countless adventures and stories to tell.
I have made countless friends in every country/city and places where I ever put a step in.
I push the people I love in the right direction where their goals are.
I make sure everybody in my family smiles, has food in their tummy and are healthy.
I love to custom design jackets for my little girl—I’m currently working on several pieces.
I love to write—it’s my passion! My dream is even to write a book in the next couple of years.
I am the one who keeps the family together—I’m the rock in the family.

So… I am proud of the way I am living my life and would not want to change it in any way!!

So a wise lesson… never judge a book by his cover… everybody has their own story.

12 thoughts on “‘So what do you do’

  1. Love this! It is so hard when asked that question. But I love how you answered. It isn’t so much what we do but who we are. Our “job” isn’t only about the tasks to complete, the meals to make…but about the nurturing, the mothering, the being.

  2. Right on sista. Plus: only boring people get bored. When I was between jobs I found a million creative ways to fill each day. In fact, I miss that time, when no day was the same as the one before.

  3. Beautifully written, as always sweet friend! You are wise far beyond your years and I count myself as fortunate that our paths crossed! I really envy the amazing way that you express yourself and you aren’t even writing in your FIRST language!

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