‘Angel Wings’ Believerz


‘I don’t want her to follow my footsteps, I want her to take the path next to me and go further than I could have ever dreamt possible’

Since my daughter is born I love to dress her like a ” million Dollars”. But of course, it doesn’s cost that much.
It became a sport for me to let her look nice for less money and I started to get very good at it. Because of my husbands job, I always make sure she looks cute because she is also sort of his “business card”!
The most important key of her outfits?… her shoes! But also her accessories like a scarf, sunglasses or something totally different that makes a fashionable statement. (Buy less, choose well)

Every time I get many compliments from strangers that I decided to do something with it. It is such a nice motivation.

I started to learn how to make child clothes with the help of a person who has the knowledge of designing and making clothes.
Surprisingly… I have a hidden talent thanks to my grandma!

I made already some cute skirts, but I created incredible one of a kind custom designed unique Angel Wings for kids.

You can use it for kids fashion shows, creative play, pageants, special occasions, fantasy play and all other moments your little one can dream of. The children can use their own imagination.
(If you have a preference, please message me on laura.denissen@yahoo.com and yes I will ship it to Europe)

I want to share my vision of stylish accessories to make your kid one of a kind!
Made by myself or just bought the right way.


‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’

IMG_1181IMG_1188 Angel Wings Angel Wings

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