‘Stone Mountain’

We live 15 minutes from a wonderful place called Stone Mountain.
The first time we have been there was in May, but we have returned for many times more!
There isn’t anything quite like it and because of that I am really impressed by it. The feeling reminds me of 20 years ago when I made a helicopter ride above the Grand Canyon in Arizona! That moment is still with me.

With Stone Mountain, you have to see it, to believe it…

foto 1 (27) foto 3 (25)

The grounds surrounding of the mountain is beautiful. We took the gondola one time to go up and the view from the top is magnificent. Last week, we even took a hike with the entire family. It really is incredible, the mountain is impressive and really worth walking along the trail to the top, to see some fantastic views. It’s amazing to just take it all in. It gives you a feeling of peace and joy when you finish the big climb.

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I have to say tho, I think I am quite fit… But this climb can be tough if you are at peak sun time and cannot find any shade. It’s sort of brutal when you wearing jeans and no shorts! Like I did.
I have tremendous respect for my husband who sometimes had to pick up our daughter because the trial was too steep for her. I think he lost like 5 pounds that day.

foto 2 (26) foto 4 (15) foto 5 (16) Top Stone Mountain

So some tips… take plenty of water, wear sportive shoes, avoid peak sun times, wear shorts and try to walk in the shade when possible!

One time we wanted to go and find the petting zoo, but because there was thunder and lightning, the animals were all inside. Instead, we found out that there is a huge plantation on the grounds with furnished houses and buildings from the 1700’s and 1800’s that have been collected from various areas in Georgia.

foto 1 (25) foto (57)

The best thing to do is the laser and fireworks in the evening for sure! The proud that they express to be an American is so beautiful. There are some awesome pyrotechnics, some computer animation that makes the mountain at times seem 3D and at other times seem as if it’s crumbling in front of your eyes–kinda scary but cool.
Everything is in tribute to Georgia athletic, Georgia music and history. The best part is the finale with the National anthem and a barrage of fireworks and huge flames shooting upwards with lasers outlining the carving on Stone Mountain.
They also added music like Pharrell’s “Happy”, John Legend’s “All of Me” and Outkast’s, “Hey Ya”. I still get chills when I hear some of the songs. The show fills me up with so much joy because it reminds me how blessed we are that we are living the American Dream for almost 4 years.

foto 3 (23) foto 5 (15)

But there is so much more to see and to do at Stone Mountain like; many attractions, entertainment, recreation and golf, history and nature, dining and shopping, fishing and camping and many more (click here for the full list).

We take with us so many wonderful memories of our days at Stone Mountain Park! foto 5 (17)

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