Who Is She

Who Is She

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Story of a Soccer Wife

Every day she shows me her warm smile. She is the one who gives me an intense feeling of proud.
She waves and blow kisses to every person who she feels needs one.
She amazes me every day more.
She makes her own friends and family if its like nothing.
She has this beautiful smile that could light the darkest night.
Her pure generous spirit is a constant inspiration to me and others.
She is the one who turned three today and went from a baby to a little girl.

She is so unique in every way.
It doesn’t matter if we are in the Netherlands, Texas, or New York or where ever we will be in the future, when I hear her voice; I always feel that everything is going to be okay.
She’s the beat of my heart, and the air that I breathe.
She travels all…

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Funny, yet Accurate: NYC Tips and Etiquette, Part 3

Hahaha! Love them and sooo true


See also, part one and part two for more of Nathan W Pyle’s illustrations.  You can also purchase his book here.

NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette NYC Tips and Etiquette NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette NYC Tips and Etiquette

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NYC Hotel on a Budget: The Jane


The Jane, located at the West Village section of Greenwich Village, is a boutique hotel that offers rooms starting at an unheard of $79/night.  With the average NYC hotel charging $280/night, The Jane is an affordable and practical option.  Having said this, you’re probably envisioning a moldy, bed bug infested, stain covered room with its wallpaper half peeled, but rest assured that The Jane keeps things extremely neat and clean (and this is coming from a self diagnosed germaphobe).

The quirky atmosphere of the hotel is something straight out of Wes Anderson movie.  The lobby is lined in tall walls of mahogany and decorated with a unique, rustic decor, complete with 1920’s style furniture, chandelier lamps and taxidermy deer heads.  Further transporting you back into The Roaring Twenties, the staff is dressed in traditional vintage bellhop uniforms.

The Jane has a rich history that explains the atmosphere and decor of the hotel…

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The Disney Store

Ik kreeg deze zomer te horen dat ze bij alle Disney stores in Amerika een openingsceremonie doen in de ochtend voordat ze de winkel openen. Dit is speciaal voor de kinderen. (In New York 7 dagen in de week) Kinderen verzamelen zich 15 minuten voor openingstijd en wachten tot 'Tinkerbell' (van Peter Pan) de zaak [...]