Empire State Building and the Skyride

Om nog maar even terug te komen op de ‘ must see places’... Ik moest wat tijd “killen” met mijn dochter, omdat mijn man een afspraak had op 33rd street. Dat is pal naast de ‘Empire State Building’. http://www.esbnyc.com/ Omdat ik een andere keer de rockefeller al had bezocht, was het een beetje zonde van [...]

Personal Photographer

A add to the all ‘must see places’… which I believe is a great one! We all know how annoying it is to be on a holiday and one person is never in the picture because that one is taken the picture. It is just difficult to be as a couple, a whole family or [...]

Smorgasburg in Brooklyn

My next stop!



Can’t decide on where to go for a bite to eat?  The solution should be Smorgasburg.

The New York Times calls Smorgasburg “The Woodstock of Eating” which is probably the most accurate statement I’ve ever heard in my life.  This place is absolutely not somewhere to go on a full stomach.  With 75-100 food vendors every weekend, Smorgasburg offers a little bit of everything from spicy Indian food from Masala Mama to traditional Mexican fare from Oaxaca Taqueria.  Smorgasburg also offers some exotic options like hamburgers with buns made of fried ramen noodles from the creative minds of Ramen Burger.  At 670 calories, this quite literally isn’t for the faint of heart.


Realistically, a lot of the food vendors are pricey for street food, but you can still get a meal and dessert for under $20.  The best part of Smorgasburg is that you’re eating with an incredible view of…

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Alle reisgidsen en informatie- boekjes geven bijna allemaal dezelfde informatie. Times Square, Empire state building, Chrysler building, Central Park en de Brooklyn Bridge ‘moet je gezien hebben als je in New York bent’. Ben ik het ook helemaal mee eens.Nu ik gezegend ben om in New York te wonen, komen er zoveel wetenswaardigheden aan het [...]

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg is een mooie wijk in Brooklyn Wow.... wat een prachtige architectuur,Ik heb mijn ogen uitgekeken . Ook vind je daar hele leuke cafeetjes en restaurantjes. Er lopen vele “hippe” mensen en artiesten rond, maar ook mensen die zich graag wensen te associëren met artiesten... Soms kun je niet echt plaatsen of het een zwerver [...]

‘Starting from the bottom’

  New York is giving me a whole new prospective on life. I am surprised how many different cultures live in this city. We are so different, but at the same time so the same. We all come for one thing and that is ‘building up a better life and make our dreams come true’. [...]

‘Sleeping with a married woman’

In my years of travelling, I've met many different kinds of people. Nice, weird, and rude ones! Not even to start about attitudes from soccer wives! But there is one in particular that I never thought I would ever meet… ‘The Croatian’. After our second year in Texas a lot of new teammates with their [...]

‘The Real Deal’

Six years ago, we lived in Cyprus for one season in Ayia Napa. Best holiday place ever! To be there for soccer…? Not so much. We lived in a touristic area near the beach with white sand and clear blue water. It was just beautiful. Cyprus overall has so much history and nice food to [...]

‘My book of words’

For a couple of months I now have a Chinese friend. We go on fun adventures with our kids. She's lived in the US for many years, but most of the time she still doesn’t know what I am saying in English. And to be honest… I cannot always understand her either! She cannot pronounce [...]

‘The World Cup’

So... the World Cup in Brazil started last week and when your husband doesn't play, it's not a lot of fun to watch these games. But it's on all freaking day! So I can't go around it. It's not only the 90 minute of soccer, NO, they also talk so much before and after these [...]

‘No Turn on Red’

Finally my own bed and environment again. Safe home, well … not exactly safe… The day after I came home from the hospital, I walked to the grocery store and somebody almost ran me over! They drove through the red light, at a speed of at least 40 miles an hour! I cursed, yelled in [...]

‘The Host’

Something happened this week, my daughter was admitted to the hospital.Because its me...it doesn't matter where I am, I always end up in an adventure...so here we are at a hospital in New York.Sophia was taken in for Acute Mastoiditis. We started at the urgent care pediatrics but ended up in the ER. There was [...]

‘American sweetheart’

‘American sweetheart’

So the journey began… The first days we were both so excited, everything was new and scary at the same time, especially because of a small setback. We all had an instant camaraderie because of that. We all lived in the same complex building, the teammates and families. But there were some “complications” with the [...]

‘Airplane friend’

‘Airplane friend’

My husband has been a professional soccer player for many years. Currently he plays for the legendary New York Cosmos. But for the past two years he played for the San Antonio Scorpions, based out of Texas. We've travelled to many places and have met great people all over the world. We've grown up by [...]