The Sun Dial Restaurant, Bar & View (+ video)

This restaurant is a great concept. I love the fact that you get 360 degree of spectacular panoramic views of Atlanta while eating. The views are absolutely amazing. The glass elevator that is getting you to the top of the hotel is a sensation by itself. The restaurant moves really slow and you only notice that, if you look at the window and see the scenery is different. The food was very expensive but surprisingly good. Normally we avoid eating in a restaurant of a hotel. That because mostly they are overpriced, have bland food, give bad service and there is no ambiance. But this time that (except the overpricing) was not the case. The service was great thanks to ‘Jeff’ and the food was delicious. We took the Raspberry Lacquered Duck Breast (Seasonal) with zucchini bread french toast, salted bourbon hollandaise, pickled blueberries and chicory. And we took the Grilled NY Strip (Seasonal) bleu cheese mac and cheese, baby spinach, blackberry and red wine reduction. With that, we had a nice Pino Grigio I would recommend going when the weather forecast is sunny or clear at night. It is a nice place for a romantic date or just to relax and think. We had a wonderful romantic evening and it was just perfect. So far, we are in love with Atlanta. Here a small video of our evening!

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