‘Harley Davidson Museum’

Everybody in the world knows the brand Harley Davidson and we really started to be curious about it, when we figured out that it all began in Milwaukee!!

How lucky are we that it is in our town and we can visit their museum, because this is the only real Harley Davidson museum in the world!

Even that we are not really in to motorcycles, I grew up with people around me who did. Friends of my parents for example, I can remember how cool they were (to be clear…their motorcycles).
But I also had a childhood friend whose dad had a Harley Davidson and it was a real badass motorcycle. It was so cool! They even named their dog after the inventor. (Or they just really liked that name, not sure)…

Also, when I was 11 years old we did a road trip with the family through the West Coast and I remember how intrigued I was with the motorcycles on the road. Not knowing I would see the real history of those motorcycles 23 years later.

It was a bit of the same feeling when we went to the Coca Cola factory in Atlanta (click here). We all know the big brands from the stores and TV, but not really knowing where it all comes from.

So to come back to the Harley Davidson museum… It has a lot of history.

They offered information from the shed of the founders to all the bikes through the decades. They presented how the business started and developed. I liked that the motorcycles on display had cards showing the design features.
Our daughter was so excited, that she had no clue where to look next and even I couldn’t really get my eyes of it

I liked ‘The World War II’ area and their very first “motorcycle” (1903). What a beauty that was!

Overall… I really enjoyed the history of this company and had a great time.
This is a must-see for any motorcycle and non-motorcycle enthusiast for sure!

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