Game of Thrones


The Atlanta Silverbacks season is over and it’s time for us to explore a new adventure and a new State.

We drove with kid and cat through Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois to eventually reach our destination… Wisconsin! The State of diary!

foto 1 (45)foto 2 (46)

Yeah… the first time I heard about this “adventure” I wasn’t that thrilled to be honest.

Our friends who live in Wisconsin, but met in San Antonio 4 years ago, told us stories along the way about their “weather issues”. Because telling us on the phone that you are walking the dog in a 12 inches/30 cm high pile of snow for like 4 months, is not really inviting to me.

Not forget to mention I just finished watching ‘Game of Thrones‘ and my idea of Wisconsin is like being “North of the wall”.

My body is just not made for cold weather! I am more a Texas or a Cypres person. I mean… I am wearing a dubbel pants when it’s only like 50 degrees Fahrenheit/10 degrees celsius and then I am still shivering.

So being in Wisconsin between people with a ridiculous tolerance for cold is not for me! Because really? Walking in shorts and slippers at “Traders Joe” when it’s still sunny but 45 degrees Fahrenheit… is not normal. If I would do that I would get hypothermia just from walking from the car to the store!

So I can honestly say I am not made for this State.

But anyways…we are here now and I am still very lucky with the weather.
We live a 5 min walk of Lake Michigan and the views are worth a million dollars.

foto 5 (32)foto 4 (32)

foto 1 (46)foto 3 (42)

Every day that we step out the door you smell the fresh air of the Lake or you just get blown away by the heavy wind. It’s one or the other.

Also, the people here are way too friendly and you ask yourself many times if its real or fake and the “worst” part of it.. They mean it! They are actually that friendly. Still not used to it!

And then you have… The bonding with their Football team the ‘Green Bay Packers’.
Oh wow, this is a really really sensitive subject.
I knew that overall the Americans are big fans of Football, but what you see here in Wisconsin is NOT explainable. Everybody is wearing their Packers gear when they have a game or they just use it as a “fashionable statement” in the week. And not only the people wear it…No… also their pets!! They wear Packers collars and the birds whistle the Packers tune outside.

It goes so far that even some Churches, yes you read it right, some Churches have tv’s available in their lobby so people can still follow their team between services.

And just a tip… you can NOT make any jokes about their over-enthusiastic fanaticism because that’s not really appreciated (trust me).
So I think I have to experience a game in real life to understand and appreciate the statements they make.I seriously still don’t get it even after watching the games on tv a few times.

So new on my bucket list… a ‘Green Bay Packers’ game.

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