Chicago ‘My Kind of Town’

The weather is calmed down a bit and… Oh well…who am I kidding… Not really!! It’s still freezing over here!
But the curiosity to discover more “North of the wall” (click here) is still there.

My good friend offered me to show me the third largest city in the United States…Chicago, Illinois! The City where my dad in 1968, lived and worked!

It was a very special moment to drive up and see the most incredible skyline. It was so mighty and powerful that I got the goose bumps from the second I saw all those buildings.

The first thing I did was visiting the ‘John Hancock’ building (click here). They have a restaurant/café located on the 94th floor with a 360° observatory. The views are spectacular and just breathtaking. My daughter was so impressed that she shouted a few times “I am the King of the World”. And to be honest… I felt exactly the same way!

Sophia Chicago View Chicago

After shopping a little bit and being amazed by all the high buildings we decided to go have a small bite at the place ‘Eataly’.
I knew this name because I watch Gordon Ramsey shows and his fellow judge on the show is Joe Bastianich, who is the co-owner of Eataly. They are the largest Italian marketplace in the world, comprising a variety of restaurants, food and beverage counters, bakery, retail items, and a cooking school. I thought it was special to be there, because now I also know what Joe has done for the food business and why he is in all those shows on tv. The food is so fresh and so good; we definitely will come back for more.

After lunch it was time to do some more culture sightseeing. Just walking through the streets is already enough to feel good…that impressive is the City.

We walked to the famous ‘”Bean”. Not sure what to think of it… It’s almost awkward to look at… It’s just a big mirror what looks like a bean in the middle of Millennium Park. But hey… who am I to judge 😉

river Chicago chicago-bean

At the end of our visit we walked to the street where my dad worked almost 50 years ago. It’s beautiful to think that his daughter (me) would go to the same city and same place in 2016! What a crazy coincidence. It would be even more nostalgic if his store, ‘Marshall Field & Company’, still existed but unfortunately they closed it in 2006.

Marshall_Field_Clock Marshall_Field_and_Company

It was really a nice visit and I am happy to know there is so much more to discover.
I cannot wait to go back, but I think I will just go by train, because if I thought the traffic was bad in New York and Atlanta!?… Chicago wins with no doubt!

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