Milwaukee Public Museum

It’s time to discover what kind of culture our new place brings.

So to start at the beginning… we recently visited the Milwaukee Public Museum. It’s a lovely museum. It is very large and even one of the largest natural history museums in the USA. It got a lot of interesting things to see and explore and I found it to be really overwhelming because there were three full floors of exhibits.

The 1st floor features some of the exhibits that the museum is famous for: the Costa Rican rainforest, The Dinosaurs (who are kinda creepy)

foto 2 (51) foto 1 (50)

Samson the gorilla (I have to go to the Zoo of Milwaukee to understand that better), the butterfly exhibit (You step into this warm mini “green house” and there are all sorts of butterflies flying around) and my personal favorite: the Streets of old Milwaukee and the European Village. It was a great way to learn about the history of the city and to see some nostalgic homes from Europe. Many ethnic and cultural traditions were highlighted including a Dutch house.

image (2) foto 4 (33) foto 5 (35) 800px-streets_of_old_milwaukee

The 2nd floor took us through the history of the Native Americans (or how my daughter reference them as “the naked guys”), as well as the woodlands of Wisconsin. I really liked that, because it taught us a lot of history!

milwaukee-public-museum-bison-hunt foto 3 (44) foto 1 (51)

On the 3rd floor, you can step back in time to the ancient civilizations of Africa, Asia, Japan, and many other regions.
There is also an exhibit about the sea. Yeah…shall we just say when you have been to the ‘Georgia Aquarium’ like us a few months ago… we are really spoiled! Didn’t like it at all.

There’s so much to see so we are looking forward to coming back.

Tip: The museum offers free admission, first Thursday of every month.

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