Mad City

When it comes to cold weather, Wisconsin doesn’t mess around. It’s just cruel and unforgiving… But I still give my friends the benefit of the doubt and I will still believe the “summer” is coming.

So right now, we are living in the largest city of de State of Wisconsin… Milwaukee.
I thought it was the Capitol when we first came here, but after GOOGLING it… it showed me it was not! So we decided to visit a weekend the “real” Capitol…Madison.

What a lot of people don’t know is, is that in Madison they discovered the vitamin D.
Obviously the perfect place, because everyone would be wise to take a vitamin D supplement over there… I mean you’re lucky when you have 3 months of sun! Just saying…

But aside that

The Capitol Building in Madison is truly gorgeous; it’s built in the heart of downtown and has a lot of history.
My daughter had such a great time even that we had to hide for a big snowstorm (in APRIL)!!! So…

snowstorm madisonCapitol BuildingCapitol building

We also visited the Children’s museum that was really one of a kind. I have been to many over the years and all in different States, (click here) but this one is one of the best and most efficient for kids. We stayed there for 7 hours! And even that my eyes started to “bleed” by all the fashion falls of many children… I survived.

foto 1 (62)foto 1 (63)foto 2 (64)foto 3 (56)foto 3 (55)foto 4 (39)

So after the snowstorm that day, we had the next morning full sun! So we decided to go to their famous zoo.

Henry Villas Zoo has been around for more than 100 years. It’s small but means you can take your time and not rush to see everything. We had a great time and even had lunch with a polar bear who was taking a nap next to us behind the glass from the restaurant. Very special I got to say.

lunch with the polar bear zoo

After our visit we said goodbye to Madison and headed back to Milwaukee to prepare ourselves for our next trip… to New York!

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