‘Georgia Aquarium’

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We got so many questions of others if we already went to the Georgia Aquarium…(one of the world’s largest)
Every time it got more awkward because it’s like THE place to go when you are in Atlanta, Georgia and we didn’t go yet.
So we decided to finally go. It was in one word just amazing!!

The aquarium had really cool exhibits and kept my attention the entire time.
They have five separate areas with fish tanks large and small, plus a cute animated 4D film that our daughter loved.

First we went to the ‘Aquanaut Adventure’: A Discovery Zone (click here)
We were all very amazed in how everything was set up. Our daughters loved that she could touch the sea stars and do other challenges.

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After that, we went to the big ‘Acrylic tunnel’ (click here) what was so impressive. But standing in front of a gigantic acrylic viewing window was the cherry on the cake.
I could have spent hours there just watching all the marine life… oh wait… we did!


To have a break of all the fishes, we went to the ‘Animated 4D film’.
Cute when you have kids, but be aware you get wet because of the “special” effects.


After all dried up again, we went to the ‘Georgia-Pacific Cold Water Quest’ (click here)
It was again very impressive and I had to explain my daughter over and over that she could NOT pet the penguins and the whales OR bringing them home to show ‘Edgar’ (our cat).
The penguins were adorable, though. They were interactive and playful as they were trying to chase our fingers when we placed them against the glass. They also made ‘tunnels’ so you could be closer to the penguins. Just a tip… You cannot be claustrophobic.

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We also went to the ‘Southern Company River Scout’ (click here) and the ‘Tropical Diver by Southwest’ (click here) but was just to walk through.

Unfortunately, there was no Dolphin show, but I can imagine it would be super nice.

I was blown away by the exhibits and very happy we did it! My only concern is that my daughter is spoiled with this aquarium and set the bar too high for future aquarium visits…


Thank you, Georgia Aquarium.

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