Smorgasburg in Brooklyn

My next stop!



Can’t decide on where to go for a bite to eat?  The solution should be Smorgasburg.

The New York Times calls Smorgasburg “The Woodstock of Eating” which is probably the most accurate statement I’ve ever heard in my life.  This place is absolutely not somewhere to go on a full stomach.  With 75-100 food vendors every weekend, Smorgasburg offers a little bit of everything from spicy Indian food from Masala Mama to traditional Mexican fare from Oaxaca Taqueria.  Smorgasburg also offers some exotic options like hamburgers with buns made of fried ramen noodles from the creative minds of Ramen Burger.  At 670 calories, this quite literally isn’t for the faint of heart.


Realistically, a lot of the food vendors are pricey for street food, but you can still get a meal and dessert for under $20.  The best part of Smorgasburg is that you’re eating with an incredible view of…

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