Trip to the Beach

The best part of living in the United States is that you can travel endless and discover the coolest places.


A few months ago my daughter and I were invited by our dear friends from Texas to come to Florida! My husband had an away game that weekend, so it was the perfect timing to take the car and go on a road trip with my mini me. It was only a 5 hour drive from Atlanta, so we couldn’t say no to that right?
Normally as a Dutch person you would think… Wait what? 5 hours??? You will be in Paris at that time!
But no… we know now how spread out the USA is, so we can legit say… its ONLY 5 hours…


My daughter was so excited that we would drive up to the beach, that she didn’t want me to stop anywhere! Me, as a real adventurer, did want to stop in Alabama and the tourist office at the border of Florida. Just to make sure I would not miss any information about any State. My daughter begged me to get back in the car with comments like “Mom, the beach is waiting” and “mom, this is boring”. It hit me, that this was ME 30 years ago talking to my parents… a total Déjà vu from my parent’s adventures and we as children were dragged along. (Still grateful though)

After driving 5 hours and 2 little breaks, we finally arrived in ‘Destin’.


A beautiful place located on Florida’s Emerald Coast, which gets its name from its beautiful, clear green water. The beaches there have extremely fine, soft sand and it has just incredible views.

Our friends rented an apartment on the beach, so when we opened our curtains we looked all over the coast.
We didn’t do much then only lie on the beach, swim and eat! We only stayed for 2 nights and then it was time to drive back.

Beach loveToeristen

This kind of trips our daughter loves so much and we are making a lot of them. I love that she got to have that special time together in the car and make those memories that she’ll keep with her forever. Last week we drove to the Capitol of Wisconsin and next month we will all drive 14 hours to go back to New York to resolve some “unfinished business”.


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