Brooklyn Children’s Museum

My daughter loves this place! We already went to a few children museums, but this one was very spacious and even bigger than the children’s museum in Manhattan.

But Brooklyn Children’s Museum is certainly a fantastic place for kids to explore, wonder, learn, and most importantly, have fun!!! You will have them engaged for hours.
I was really blown away by its creativity and fascination.

I loved the ‘tots’ space! It’s made special for kids from 0-5 years old.
My daughter’s favorite place to play; was the blue sand and the water area. She is so obsessed by sand that this was a winner!

foto 3 (9)

They also had many exhibits that allow kids to explore, touch and feel things, draw and trace puzzles, etc. My daughter couldn’t stay on one station for very long because so many things caught her attention. She truly was entertained. She even made some new friends there.

foto 1 (11)

I think it’s one of Brooklyn’s hidden gems for sure.

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